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Welcome to Bonigo

A World of Endless Adventures!

We are excitedly crafting a brand founded on our unique artistic style based on frame by frame and handcrafted animations. We hold a steadfast belief that the expansion of web3 necessitates exceptional visuals, compelling narratives, innovative steps and alluring art. We aim to welcome a multitude of fresh souls into our world.

frame by frame handcrafted animations

Discover the corners of


Step into the dark and mysterious world of BoneZone, where ghosts and skeletons roam freely and the devil cats rule the night. This is a world like no other, where death is merely the beginning of a new journey.

At Bonigo, we hold the belief that art and storytelling are the cornerstones of building a thriving community and crafting immersive experiences. Enjoy the narrative.

Find the door to our

Soul Temple!

A captivating collection of unique frame by frame NFTs, crafted by hand in a style that harkens back to the golden age of animation. Featuring characters that are both devilishly charming and delightfully whimsical, the collection immerses you in a world that is equal parts spooky and hilarious.

In collaboration with team, we have created an application form for you to apply and secure your position at our temple.

join our elite

Community & BoneList

To get involved and show your support, join our Discord, follow our social accounts, and participate in our weekly raffles and tweet engagements. Your support helps us grow and thrive. Our easy-to-use system ensures that every effort you make to support our project is tracked, so you won’t miss out on any rewards.

What do you mean it's all animated frame by frame?

Yes, it’s unbelievable, but all animations are hand-drawn frame by frame by our artists. While it’s a challenging and time-consuming process compared to digital art, it allows us to be incredibly creative.

How to join the community?

The first steps include joining our Discord, following our socials, and applying for our BoneList & Temple. Help us spread the word about Bonigo, and stay tuned for many contests you can participate in. For more detailed information, please visit our Discord.

How will I know if I've been accepted into the Soul Temple?

You will be pleasantly surprised, and we’ll make a special announcement when you’re accepted. The only hint we can give you is to “get into the temple as soon as possible.” You won’t want to miss what’s coming.

Shhhhhh, he’s sleeping!

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